Bissau-Praça – Downtown


The Hotel-Residência Proquil ist situated in the oldest part of Bissau. During daytime Bissau-Velho, our city quarter may be busy – it is the center of bank acitivities and import-export offices. The quarter of Bissau-Velho is very near to all central institutions and shopping centers. Restaurants, Bars, the central market, Ministries, the port and nearly all other major points of interest are reachable within 10 minutes walking. At night Bissau Velho is a quite place – nevertheless, if you want to go out – Bars and Restaurants of Bissau-Praça are very near! For a good dinner and nice evening we recommend the nearest Restaurant – and its one of the best in Bissau – (less than 50m from Proquil) – Restaurant Ta-Mar.


Points of interest:

Port of Bissau

Praca Che Guevara (see picture above)

Bandim Market – the main “shopping center” of Bissau

Bissau Velho itself – have a walt through the pitoresque alley of the quarter




Recomended Restaurants:

Restaurant Ta-Mar (Rua 12 de Septembro, Bissau Velho), Mo-Sa, morning till night

Restaurant Morabeza (Praça Che Guevara, “Baiana”), Mo-So, especially recommended “Chawarma”

Restaurant Kalliste (Praça Che Guevara, “Baiana”), Mo-So, common place, good internet (2000 CFA)

French Cultural Center – the Bar inside is quite good and offers meals to best price in Bissau Center

Bar “K” (UDIBE, Av. Amilcar Cabral), Caipirinha and more in a very nice atmosphere

Azalai 24 de Septembro – relax at the pool (4.000 CFA)



Restaurant Kalliste (2000 CFA, 0,5mbit capacity)

Hotel Malaika, near central market, (2500 CFA, 1mbit capacity, 4 lines – fastet internet available in Bissau)

most other Bars offer Wifi service for free – speed is very limited due to 0,25mbit capacity of internet lines in Bissau

O Porto

Lenox – Bairro de Ajuda – the only recomandable internet in Bissau – Av. de Combatentes da Liberdade da Patria – ca. 15 min from center – Taxi 350 CFA


Bubaque - porto - port


Bolama – visit the old capital of Portuguese-Guinea – situated on the Island of Bolama ca. 40km of Bissau – nice beaches – ship goes every friday, return on sunday

Bubaque – main touristic island of Bijagos Archipel – ship goes every friday, return on sundy

National Parks – visit one of the bissau-guinean National Park – Cacheu – Lagoas de Cufada – Cantanhez Forest –  João Vieira or Orango Grande – further info at IBAP Bissau (Instituto de Biodiversidade e das Areas Protégidas

Suru – beach of Bissau – ca. 30km of Bissau, near of Prábis – public transport on weekends